26 Bravest Lion Tattoo Designs

There are all kinds of tattoos available for people to choose from like the famed lion tattoo designs. Many have gotten this design and there are many reasons why people make the decision to get certain ones.

Many folks will think long and hard before they decide on getting one. Others will simply be under the influence of alcohol and not realize the kinds of tattoos that are getting. The lion tattoo has great meaning and people who have opted for it report this. It is vital for people to know that tattoos are permanent and taking time to think about designs is in order. The following is a look at the deeper meaning of the lion design of tattoos.

Meanings of Lion Tattoo Design

The large lion head tattoo design is embedded on upper arm and shoulder.

The lion is a symbol that cannot be rivaled. There are many things that this symbol will communicate, one of the greatest ones is strength, and people will get the tattoos for this reason. Confidence, determination and vigor are other symbolisms that people will have in mind when they choose this design. People who feel strong or those who wish to associate with strength will not hesitate getting this design. Many are other features or characteristics that will come with the lion symbol. All these attributes should be explored. Among others, the lion has been seen to have nobility, integrity, protection, purity, courage, loyalty, bravery, honesty, power; authority and the list of attributes is endless. The lion has always stood out as the king that rules supreme to all other animals. For this reason, people will show their power, prestige and so on with lion tattoo designs. Many people have commanded great respect jut by having the tattoos that represent greatness in society.

In the religious circles, the lion symbol has been observed very clearly. Christians and Buddhists have used it for a long time. In the bible, the lion will refer to God who is also known as the ‘lion of Judah’. This is to show a higher superior being. Buddha and Krishna will also be referred to as lions through the symbol owing to their wisdom and great knowledge. Golden auras and radiating energies are other things it symbolizes in religious icons and this is seen clearly in society. Beauty is another attribute that will come wit these designs and there is no doubt that lion tattoo designs are some of the greatest.

Why People Love Lion Tattoos?

Other kinds of the lion design will resemble the sun and this will be observed by the very keen. Lions are creatures that thrive in the sun and this is the reason. It is able to merge the greatness and superiority of the lion with that of the sun. People who get these models will want to show brilliance, life, dominion, expansion, fertility or vitality and more. Two lions that are sitting together is another common Egyptian lion symbol that is popular in society. People have seen balance to radiate as a deep meaning in these designs. Many countries of the world will have a symbol that will stand for protection or security. It is able to show these qualities very well owing to the great symbolism.

Lion tattoos are quite popular and many people demand for them these days. The reason for this is the lion normally captivates people all over the world. The lion’s sheer strength and imposing personality is more than what is needed to leave the mortals in awe. Therefore once one decides to put on a lion design they try to express every characteristic that is related to the lion. Such characteristics include vigor, determination, strength and confidence. In the same way the lion is seen to be the king in the jungle, some people get the lion tattoo to symbolize prestige authority and power.

Furthermore, lion tattoos can be portrayed in any way you want depending on the expression you want to convey such as calmness, fierceness, strength, power or vitality.  The expression can be the individual’s choice as to what he is or what he wants to be. Almost all professional tattoo artists are adept at drawing the different faces of a lion since it is a very popular tattoo design.

From Zodiac Perspective

From ancient times the lion was seen to stand for each of these qualities. Lion tattoos can be created using different patterns such as the beautiful tribal tattoo or Celtic tattoo of lions. The Celtic design represents justice, courage and dignity. In the same way a  lion tattoo bearing a crown symbolizes sovereignty and royalty. Due to the fact that the lion symbolizes Leo which is a Zodiac sign, most people whose birth coincided with this sign have the lion tattoo created on various parts of their body parts. A good lion tattoo that is created on any body part looks admirable and this is despite the fact that lion tattoos that are placed on the arm are quite popular.

Popular Lion Tattoo Designs

There are any number of lion tattoo designs available for you to choose from. Let me list a few designs just to guide you along. The only important aspect to be considered is what you want to convey and what you will like forever since as you know tattooing is an almost permanent body modification art. Tattoo removal is painful, time consuming as well as more expensive than inking it.

Tribal Lion Tattoos

Tribal tattoos are drawn in thick and bold lines in dark colors. So, a tribal lion tattoo is usually drawn as a head of lion or a full bodied lion with thick dark lines. However many people who love tribal tattoos tweak the design a bit by adding a few other bright colors or by alternating the bold lines with lighter, delicate lines to soften the look of the tattoo.

A tribal lion head tattoo is embedded on man's left upper arm.

Lion of Judah Tattoos

This is a very popular design and conveys faith besides all the other qualities. The design is lion with a crown on its glorious head, holding a spear and turning its head away from a burning city. This symbolizes Jesus Christ in his efforts to burn all evils in society and to let in a dawn full of peace and grace.

Man had the popular lion of Judah tattooed on his right forearm.

Celtic Lion Tattoos

Celtic designs are winding curves with no end and no beginning. The Celtic knots too are equally popular. Lion head incorporated within such Celtic designs could give an enticing, powerful yet complex look to your lion tattoos on arm.



Tips and Guide on Tattooing a Lion Tattoo

Again, depending on individual choice you can have the entire body of a lion as your tattoo design or just the head of a lion or even a profile of the head of a lion. The advantages are that if you are just drawing the head, then you may have enough skin space to have a detailed design of the head. At the same time if you have the whole body of the lion, you can give more expression to the quality you are representing but the face of the lion may become smaller. So there are advantages and disadvantages in both the tattoo designs. If you are a body builder you may want to represent a roaring lion’s head on you biceps for maximum effect.

Similarly you can experiment with a little color variation to give your lion tattoos on arm an attractive touch. The beautiful mane of a lion’s head can be accentuated with streaks of blazing colors along with darker tones.

 Are Lion Tattoos Only Suitable for Men?

Despite the fact that the idea of tattooing is preferred by women and men alike, there are some designs and symbols that only look good when worn by men. Due to the masculinity of the lion, its tattoo designs are easily found than those of women. If you really want to have a lion design then there are a number of options from which to choose. As mentioned before, tribal and Celtic tattoos are not only different but great as well. Alternatively, there are various lion versions that one can go for and among them are lion face designs, roaring lion, peaceful lion, and jungle lion among others. They stand for different things an example is a tattoo with a lion roaring symbolizes aggressive personality; who is sure of the capability and power while one that is at peace shows strength that is hidden by a very calm exterior. In other instances a lion tattoo entails a meeker and smaller animal such as a rabbit or lamb which stands for peace.

It is advisable that you think of the meaning before going for a particular lion tattoo. Despite the fact that it will be seen as a courageous step, the tattoo will always look attractive and express the meaning that is related to it. Regardless of whether you are doing it for the very first time or not it is recommended that you only let an artist who is trained make the tattoo for you. He might be able to suggest a number of lion tattoo designs or you could alternatively design a male lion tattoo of your own.