Stargazer Lily Tattoos

The stargazer lily flowers can make attractive female tattoo design.Nowadays, you can see stargazer lily tattoos that are commonly embedded on women’s arms, lower backs, feet, necks and shoulder blades.  You can also find these tat designs in creating bracelet and ankle.  There are also women who have decided to ink stargazer tats on their rib cage.  For your awareness, these tattoos symbolize western divinity.

Meanings of Stargazer Lily Tattoos

Stargazer Lily Tattoos
Stargazer Lily Tattoos

Symbol of Sexuality

Lilies that are created in the form of body art have been common during the period of 1580 BC.  Different cultures around the world have their own meanings associated to stargazer lilies.  In ancient Greece, lilies as well as rose flower were considered as symbol of sexuality.  They were used to determine the gender of a baby inside a mother’s womb whether a boy or a girl.

Virtue and Chastity

In the case of white lilies tattoos, they are known to signify virtue and chastity.  In fact, some images of Mother Mary with a lily in the hand were designed and minted in some ancient coins which were treated as an emblem of Mother Mary’s purity.  Because of their connection with Mother Mary, the flower of lilies became very relevant to Easter.


Do you know that the white lily represents cleanliness of thought and actions as well as absolute innocence?  Based on the ancient Egyptian culture, the image of a lily flower represented fertility.

Lucky Charm

On the other hand, this flower was considered as a lucky charm in China.  Moreover, it signifies prosperity and abundance according to the Chinese FengShui, the ancient art of harmonizing the environment.

While pink lily tattoos are marks of incredible wealth and good luck, the white-colored stargazer lily signifies purity and peace.  For many people, they consider this image as representation of youthful innocence.  For other tat enthusiasts, it is known for purity and majesty for being closely linked with Mother Mary.

Aside from being associated with resurrection, they also symbolize erotic love, procreation and fertility.  Some female tat lovers want to have these kinds of tats because they are significant marks of feminine deity.  However, in the passage of time, the real meanings of these popular tats have been changed a lot.

Woman embedding a pink stargazer lily tattoo design on her right foot.

Other Modern Meanings of Stargazer Lily Tattoos

In the modern world, the absolute significance of stargazer lily tattoos pertains to women’s sensuality.  Usually, stargazer lily tats are created with simple, colorful designs.  On the other hand, some people have applied their creativity, and were able to come-up with interesting patterns that are not colorful.  A good example of these is the image flowers that are woven together with the aim of forming a Celtic heart or knot.The stargazer lily tattoo designs can offer you a great option to be embedded as lower back tattoo design.

With the use of these flowers, you can create a simple work of scroll pattern that is unique and attractive.  You can also draw a bunch of flowers with colors white, grey or black.  You can accomplish great things with these tats depending on your creativity as well as that of your tat artist.  Both of you will decide on the outcome of your stargazer lily tattoos to make them perfect.