70 Anklet Tattoo Designs

An anklet, also called ankle bracelet / ankle chain. Anklet tattoo designs have always been and will always be a hot favorite among the fairer sex, especially amongst young girls. An anklet tattoo would normally be around the ankle forming a simple and delicate decorative art, but as an extension these tattoos are drawn from the lower side of the calf to the ankle and sometimes extending to a single toe or all the toes.

Most Popular Types of Anklet Tattoo

Floral anklet tattoo: Say it with flowers gets more depth and meaning when it comes to tattoo art. Floral anklet tattoos not only look beautiful, it can by symbolic too with the choice of the flower.  Different flowers have different and multiple meanings and values and so become an apt choice for tattoo. For example a lotus flower which stands for purity and spirituality can convey that meaning in an anklet tattoo besides looking attractive with the pink and red combination with a green stem. Some of the flowers used for anklet tattoos are lily, peony, daisy, hibiscus, sunflower and above all the rose. Lily stands for virginity and gentleness and the sun flower stands for determination, strength of character besides a sunny disposition.

Similarly all the flowers can depict various symbolic values making flowers a good choice for anklet tattoos. To add more color and beauty, you could even incorporate butterflies in your tattoo.

Tribal anklet tattoo: Tribal designs are very striking and usually in dark colors. Spherical and geometrical lines form part of tribal tattoo designs and these designs in an anklet tattoo will give it strong appearance and will make a bold statement. Tribal were known to ink tattoos to show their status and proclaim their achievements and hence tribal anklet tattoo designs would be a representation of your personality.

Celtic Anklet Tattoo: Another strong and highly symbolic tattoo designs are the Celtic anklet tattoos. The Celts are known to have depicted their history in graphic tattoo art and Celtic designs would convey a strong traditional nature and a love of history. Celtic knots can be a very enticing anklet tattoo and additionally there is the Celtic tree of life which is an endless design, the Celtic cross which is an intricate design and so on. The choice for anklet tattoo in Celtic design is numerous.

Heart Anklet Tattoo: Well, we have heard of the saying “wear your heart on your sleeve”; but, tattoo art says wear your heart even on your ankle.  Pierced heart with an arrow sticking out, locked heart, sacred heart, and twin hearts……you name it and it is there. You can perhaps sit with your artist and decide which heart you would prefer as an anklet tattoo design.

Rosary Anklet Tattoo: Rosary tattoos like angel tattoos depict spirituality and faith and should be chosen with care to ink it on your ankle. A rosary anklet tattoo design would depict that god is with you in every step you take. You can enhance it with a cross at your calf or dangling from one link of the rosary towards the toes.