6 Types of Popular Tattoo Lettering

Looking for a cool tattoo that is totally different from the usual graphic illustrations of birds and animals and flowers? Do you have the attitude to carry a tattoo lettering design? Then you have some exotic choices in front of you. There are a host of old scripts that will look cool as a tattoo besides having deep meaning.

You can choose a proverb or a maxim or a fMan's shoulder blades were tattooed with the tribal lettering designs.amous quotation or a favorite name and ink it with a unique font and you have the coolest tattoo. On the wrist, like an arm band, at your waist or just above the hip or on your chest are all excellent places for lettering tattoos.  Here are some of the best lettering tattoo ideas.

Tribal Lettering Tattoo: Tribal lettering are really ancient, unique and eye catching. There are many fonts available that will suit tribal lettering like old school lettering styles, Celtic calligraphy, Gothic style of lettering or the indentation style of lettering. Just choose the saying you want to ink and match it to one of the tribal lettering styles and you will have a classic antique style tattoo that will make people stop and read and admire your tattoo.

The nice and attractive calligraphy onto forearms are increasing these days.

Calligraphy Tattoo Lettering: Calligraphy is a beautiful method of blending thick and thin lines in you writing strokes. The strokes are long and curved with alternating thick and thin strokes and words are written without breaks in the alphabets. The calligraphic style of writing can be incorporated in any script of your choice and they will look attractive.

The Arabic tattoo designs have become very ideal for girls or women.

Arabic Lettering Tattoo: Yet another script that has style, splendor and uniqueness is the Arabic script. A great specialty about this script is that it is written from right to left and there are more than eighteen shapes in Arabic letters. Arabic tattoo lettering is a great favorite among celebrities and this has made the modern youth follow the path trodden by their heroes.

The males preferred to embed the Hebrew tattoos design on his back.

Hebrew Script: One of the oldest languages in the world, the Hebrew script is rather unusual and stylish. Celebrities such as Posh Spice and her husband David Becham, Madonna, Christina Aguilera and many others have chosen to wear Hebrew script tattoos to show their exclusiveness.

Chinese Lettering: Hieroglyphs are Chinese inscriptions that use pictorial representations to communicate. They are quite mysterious in character, are loaded with meaning and have been popular for a long time. Chinese lettering tattoos have always conveyed very deep symbolic values with small words and are a great favorite among tattoo lovers.

Woman etching the Chinese letters tattoos at the back of her neck.

Japanese lettering: Usually called the Kanji lettering, these tattoos are like the Chinese lettering tattoos. Full of meaning they are sometimes known to have dual messages. Kanji letters are striking and another hot favorite with tattoo enthusiasts. Similarly there are many ancient scripts and other written or graphic styles of communication that can be used for tattoo lettering like Sanskrit script, Greek lettering etc.