35 Girl Rib Cage Tattoos

For die-hard tattoo lovers out there who are thinking of obtaining a body art, a girl rib cage tattoo can be a great option.  However, before you finalize your decision to embed it, you should be aware that getting rib cage tat can be a very painful process.

The black color roses tattoo designs are etched permanently on her right rib cage.These tats are great and beautiful, but you should have a strong endurance in pain because this part of your body is usually sensitive since it has less fats and tissues.

Because of this, there is less padding on your rib cage skin which is supposed to cushion the impact of the tattooing process resulting to a great pain.  So, it pays to think very well before making your final decision to get this kind of tat.  Also, you should consider the fact that it could require more time in tattooing because the rib cage area is a wide canvas for getting your tattoo.

After finalizing your decision to embed a female  rib cage tattoo, it’s time to conduct a research about rib cage tat ideas on the internet.  Your choice of a tat design for your rib cage actually depends on which part of it you are going to place the tattoo.  Considering that the rib cage is a large canvass, you can pick your design from many options available to explore.

Woman's rib cage was covered in stargazer lilies with butterflies tattoos.

Your choice can be applied to one side of your girl rib cage tattoo or on both sides.  Let’s say you want a tat on both sides, then, you can opt to have it at your back connecting these areas.  The most popular rib cage tats for girls these days include the images of flowers and well-known quotes, phrases and sayings.  When you engrave quotes and sayings, you can use a stylish font that is swirling and looks feminine.

Today, a lot of girls opt to have women rib cage tattoos made-up of poems which are written using intricate fonts.  You can have these scripts done vertically or horizontally.  Flower designs are also very popular in creating rib cage tats for girls.  In fact, a lot of girls opt to have tat designs that start from their hips and continue to the sides of their chests.

Another popular flower design is cherry blossom which can enhance the beauty of a girl.  There are also some girls who opt for tats that are made-up of single words like, Serenity, Peace, or the

Girl shows her script with hearts tattoos on rib cage in the room.

name of their boyfriend.  You can also embed an angle tat or a simple butterfly on your rib cage.  In obtaining a rib cage tat, there are some important things that you should know.

First, you should continue breathing while undergoing the tat session.  There are times when you may feel being restless or excited while being tattooed.  In this case, you should ask immediately the tat artist to pause for a while.  The tattooing of girl rib cage tattoos gives some sort of sensation, so, if you find it hard to stop your movements while getting tattooed, you can take several breaks as necessary to be comfortable.